Karen David is not your typical princess in 'Galavant'

Actress/singer stars as Princess Isabella in ABC's medieval musical comedy miniseries

If you caught the premiere of ABC's musical comedy event series Galavant last night, then you saw Canadian-British actress/singer Karen David starring as Princess Isabella. But she's not your typical princess.

Meet the Cast of the New Series 'Galavant'

Born in India, raised in Canada and schooled in London, David has been in several major television and film roles in the U.K., as well as some musical theater and a few pop singles under her belt.

With a self-described heritage consisting of "Chinese, Indian and a sliver of Jewish," she isn't one's traditional first choice for the lady lead in a singing medieval farce (think Monty Python and The Princess Bride). In fact, the character was originally conceived with a "Jennifer Lawrence" type in mind.

Audrey Magazine: Galavant is being heralded as Monty Python meets Princess Bride. Can you tell me about how you got the role, a little about your character, Princess Isabella, and how you did your homework?

Karen David: That's funny that you mention homework. I have a mish-mosh in my heritage. I have Chinese, Indian and a sliver of Jewish. With the Asian influences, there is an immigrant mentality that you have to work triple hard. My parents said that even if I wasn't going to be an accountant or lawyer, I had to put in the homework. It's all about being the best that you can be and always working at your craft.

I loved Galavant when my agents sent me the script. Then my heart stopped when I read the bit where [Princess Isabella] is described as Jennifer Lawrence. So I went into this casting process feeling like the underdog and just having fun with it.

But after I went to meet Dan [Fogelman] for the second meeting, Dan turned to everyone and said, "That's my Isabella. That's my brown Jennifer Lawrence."

Galavant is a four-week miniseries airing Sundays on ABC.

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