Let's celebrate Fred Korematsu Day with a Google Doodle

Sign 18 Million Rising's petition asking Google to honor a civil rights hero.

Fred Korematsu Day honors the life and legacy of Japanese American civil rights hero Fred Korematsu, who, at 23-years-old, stood up against racism and discrimination and refused to be injustly incarcerated by the United States government during World War II. It's the first day in U.S. history named after an Asian American.

This Friday, January 30, people across the country will honoring Fred Korematsu on the fifth annual Korematsu Day. Hopefully, there will be schoolkids getting classroom lessons about Mr. Korematsu and the importance of preserving civil liberties. But wouldn't be great if more people knew about his story?

That's where Google might be able to help. Our friends at 18 Million Rising are leading the charge to request that Google dedicate Friday's "Doodle" to Fred Korematsu:

Honor Fred Korematsu with a Google Doodle!

Doesn't it seem like Korematsu Day is an occasion for a Google Doodle? As one of America's civil rights heroes, Fred Korematsu is an inspiration to all of us who choose to speak out rather than remain silent about injustice, but very few know his story. Google Doodles are awesome ways to spread the word about people who deserve a little more recognition for their work. Google, help us spread the story and legacy of Fred Korematsu.

This would be an awesome Google Doodle. Lend your support and sign 18 Million Rising's petition here. For further information about Fred Korematsu and Korematsu Day, visit the Fred T. Korematsu Intitute's website.

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