May this video inspire you to fight for someone's honor

The climactic hand drum scene from 'The Karate Kid Part II'... on a ten-hour loop.

The other night, The Karate Kid Part II is on TV again, so of course I'm watching. I've seen like it 800 times. (Longtime readers know I'm a little obsessed with this movie.) But after all these viewings, I still don't quite understand the secret to Miyagi family karate. I've asked the drum, but I haven't unlocked its secret.

I say all this as a dumb prelude to sharing this super-weird video I stumbled across last night. It's a ten-hour-long video created from the climactic hand drum scene from The Karate Kid Part II. That's right. Sato, Yukie and Miyagi rattling those little hand drums on near-endless loop. Well, why not? There's room on the internet for many things.

It's kind of mesmerizing. Play it, watch it, and unlock the secrets of the drum:

Thank you to whoever made this. May we all find the inspiration to fight for someone's honor.

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