Meet Aasif Mandvi's All-American Muslim Sitcom Family

'Halal in the Family' aims to combat bias and stereotypes about Muslims.

Have you seen Halal in the Family ? Aasif Mandvi's sitcom parody launched last week on Funny or Die. The series aims to combat bias and challenge misinformation about Muslims and communities associated with Muslims. It's also a tool to support existing campaigns to combat anti-Muslim bias. And it's funny.

In the grand tradition of television sitcoms, Mandvi stars as the sweater-clad patriarch of the Qu'osbys, an all-American Muslim Family dealing with suspicious neighbors, uninformed classmates, misguided protesters, and more. The series also stars Sakina Jaffrey, Shoba Narayanan and Nicky Maindiratta.

Set aside 25 minutes and watch all four episodes now:

Halal in the Family - Spies Like Us:

Halal in the Family - A Very Spooqy Halloween Special:

Halal in the Family - B'ully:

Halal in the Family - The Amazing Race:

Good stuff. For more information about the series, and resources on how you can get involved in combatting anti-Muslim bias, check out the Halal in the Family website and follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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