Brooklyn kids arrested for harassing Chinese seniors

Groups of teenagers have been terrorizing Asian-owned businesses in Bensonhurst.

Photo Credit: Bensonhurst Bean

Last week in Brooklyn, not long after reports hit the news about groups of teens terrorizing Asian-owned businesses, two 13-year-old boys were arrested for throwing rocks and spitting at seniors at a nearby park.

Accused Of Harassing Seniors, 13-Year-Olds Arrested In Seth Low Park

On Friday afternoon at Seth Low Park in Bensonhurst, two middle schoolers were arrested after they were seen harassing seniors sitting at the picnic tables. According to witnesses, the boys started spitting and throwing rocks at the seniors, who are Chinese immigrants and do not speak English.

Photo Credit: Bensonhurst Bean

Someone called the cops, who tracked down the kids and put them in cuffs. Gotcha suckas.

The trouble began at around 2:30pm, when witnesses said two middle schoolers started spitting and throwing rocks at the seniors, who are Chinese immigrants and do not speak English. When one man tried to take a photo of the boys, he told Taylor (through a translator) that one youth hit him and tried to snatch away his phone.

The man showed Taylor a photo of the boy and the captain ordered a group of cops to scour the area for the boys. Within minutes, the cops escorted two middle-schoolers back to the playground.

"You told me to stay away from the stores on Bay Parkway, not the playground," one of the boys protested to cops.

The Chinese seniors say they are regularly singled out by the playground bullies.

It seems rather ridiculous that an incident involving a couple of punk-ass kids would warrant an assemblyman, the precinct captain, and an entire team of plainclothes and uniformed officers to storm the park, but that's what happens when you declare "all-out war." The recent trouble with these kids has gotten a lot of negative press, no doubt putting pressure on the local powers that be to address the issue -- swiftly and publicly.

Several merchants recognized one of the boys as part of the group that has been terrorizing their stores on Bay Parkway. They're accused of shoplifting, pickpocketing, smoking in stores, throwing merchandise on the floor, and destroying property on a regularly basis, nearly every day. So that's one kid.

According to police, two other teens were arrested last week in connection to the Bay Parkway incidents.

Great. That's a start. However, you can round up all the individual thug-ass little hooligans causing the trouble, but it still doesn't address the ugly issue of why only Asian-owned are being targeted. You cannot tell me race is not a factor in this ongoing harassment.

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