James Wan to direct live-action 'Robotech' movie

'Saw' director signs on to Sony's adaptation of the classic 1980s animated series.

Amidst the cool news that James Wan has signed on to direct Aquaman, I didn't want to overlook the news that the Furious 7 director has also inked a deal to helm a live-action adaptation of Robotech for Sony Pictures.

James Wan Closes Deals to Direct 'Aquaman' and 'Robotech'

Wan is red-hot after directing the blockbuster bajillion-dollar seventh movie of the Fast & Furious franchise. Next, he'll be taking on DC Comics' iconic underwater superhero, but I'm more interested in seeing what he does with a big screen take on the Robotech saga, based on the hit 1980s animated series.

The Robotech franchise began in 1985 as an 85-episode syndicated cartoon series, adapted, re-dubbed and stapled together from three different, entirely separate Japanese shows. This is a crazy, Frankenstein-ass way to make a series, and anime purists will gripe and implore you to respect the source material.

I don't care about any of that. Robotech was an epic, sprawling space drama of aliens, mecha, fighter pilots, and romance. To this kid, it was mind-blowing, and there is no show that was more influential to my childhood.

Robotech was my jam.

Details on the deal are lean, but with Sony signing on Wan, it hopefully means they're serious about the big moves it will take to get a Robotech project off the ground. Fingers crossed. I need this movie to be done right.

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