Tilting the Streets of San Francisco

Fun video bends gravity by flattening San Francisco's hilly streets.

The city of San Francisco is known for, among other things, its outrageously steep streets. It's always a little crazy to see entire blocks of houses built on a 30% grade. This fun video, created by Karen X. Cheng and Ross Ching, uses a simple camera trick to create a cool gravity illusion on the hilly streets of San Francisco.

Check it out:

Ross, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, says he got the idea for the video after seeing some photos with the "tilted camera" effect on steep streets. So they ran all around San Francisco scoping out the steepest streets (while getting a serious workout for their calf muscles). They ended up shooting in Potrero Hill (22nd St.), Nob Hill (Taylor St.), Dolores Heights (Hill St.) and Alamo Square. Fun stuff.

To see Karen X. Cheng's latest dance videos, head over to Facebook.
To see more work from Ross Ching, check out his website.


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