Boston Chinatown church vandalized with racist graffiti

The Boston Chinese Evangelical Church was spray-painted with racist caricatures.

Last month in Boston, a Chinese American church was vandalized with several instances of hate graffiti. Church members found racist Asian caricatures spray-painted on their office building in Chinatown.

Chinatown church building defaced by racist graffiti

The Boston Chinese Evangelical Church's office building was vandalized with racist graffiti on July 31. According to Sampan, the graffiti depicted a face with slanted eyes, buckteeth and a cone-shaped hat. The image was drawn twice, along with the words "creep" and "have a nice day."

I'm sure someone thought they were being clever.

Damn. That face is universally racist. You don't even need to say or write a word. Just draw a picture.

This graffiti is reminiscent of the racist note left by those two guys who broke out of a New York prison a few months ago. A pair of convicted murderers managed to dig their way out of a maximum security correction facility, but not before leaving behind a note featuring this very same racist caricature.

Sampan includes information for a city hotline to report future instances of graffiti, but it's not clear if there will be any further investigation into this particular incident. Is this not considered a hate crime?


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