'Paradise Lost' re-imagined as an epic sci-fi action tale

Watch EB Rhee's epic proof-of-concept short 'The Garden.'

Spaceships! Dinosaurs! Pretty people in peril! See it all in The Garden, a new sci-fi action short from writer/director EB Rhee, starring Jun Sung Kim and Sheetal Sheth. Described as a sci-fi re-imagining of the literary classic Paradise Lost, The Garden is about a group of explorers who, after learning that the sun is dying, set out into deep space in search of a new home for humanity.

Check it out:

This is one crazy, ambitious little film, made on a tiny budget with the help of a lot of favors and friends. If it feels a bit like an extended trailer, that's because it's a proof-of-concept short based on a feature-length screenplay by EB Rhee and Aaron Strongoni. Want to see more? You might get your wish.

According to Deadline, Polly Johnsen and Polymorphic Pictures have come on baord to produce The Garden with the hopes of jumpstarting a new science fiction franchise -- all based on this short. I'm looking forward to seeing what the full scope and vision of this project look like.

More here: Polly Johnsen To Turn E.B. Rhee's Sci-Fi Short 'The Garden' Into Feature

And for further information about The Garden, visit the project's website.


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