Who would win in a fight -- Miss Piggy or Jessica Huang?

The cast of 'Fresh Off The Boat' welcomes 'The Muppets' to ABC.

As I mentioned before, season two of Fresh Off The Boat kicks off on Tuesday, September 22 on ABC, right after the series premiere of The Muppets. Stars Randall Park and Constance Wu, who play Louis and Jessica, shot some fun promos to welcome the Muppets gang to their back-to-back Tuesday night time slot. If you liked that first one with Gonzo, here are a couple more.

First, here's Randall and Kermit... and an awkward guest. Three's a crowd:

And this one, Miss Piggy brings new meaning to "camera hog." It gets physical:

I'm willing to bet good money that Jessica Huang could take Miss Piggy in a fight.


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