All The Asians On TV: Fall 2015 Series Premieres

Here are the new scripted shows featuring actors of Asian descent. We counted.

The new fall television season is upon us, and with it, a big batch of new shows. How many of these new series feature Asian Americans? As you know, we like to keep track of such things. For those keeping score, here's a rundown of actors of Asian descent who are series regulars on new scripted network, cable and streaming shows premiering on the tubes this fall. (Not including renewed/returning shows or midseason debuts.)

NBC | Premieres November 17 | Tuesdays 9/8c

Brian Tee
Dr. Ethan Amari

In the newest installment of executive producer Dick Wolr's "Chicago" franchise, set in the chaos of the city's most explosive hospital, Brian Tee stars as Dr. Ethan Amari, an emergency room resident who found his calling in medicine after several tours of duty as an Army medic.

Syfy | Premieres December 14

Charlotte Nicdao
Rachel Osaka

Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction novel gets adapted as a three-night Syfy mini-series about the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious "Overlords," whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture. Australian actress Charlotte Nicdao plays Rachel, a chief employee of The Boyce Center, a South African based research station dedicated to furthering mankind's understanding of the world around them and the universe beyond them.

CBS | Premieres September 30 | 10/9c

Melanie Chandra
Dr. Malaya Pineda

Based on the award-winning documentary of the same name, Code Black is a medical drama that takes place in the busiest, and most notorious emergency room in the nation. Melanie Chandra stars as Malaya Pineda, a first-year resident under the guidance of Residency Director Dr. Leanne Rorish.

Raza Jaffrey
Dr. Neal Hudson

British actor Raza Jaffrey stars as Dr. Neal Hudson, an excellent physician who works in the ER and sometimes disagrees with Leanne's "cowboy" approach.

The CW | Premieres October 12 | Mondays 8/7c

Vincent Rodriguez III
Josh Chan

In the new musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Vincent Rodriguez III plays Josh, the athletic, good-looking object of Rebecca's affection which borders on obsession. Josh is a friendly, affable, laid-back guy who recently moved back to his hometown of West Covina, California.

ABC | Premieres October 2 | Fridays 8:30/7:30c

Ken Jeong
Dr. Ken Park

Doctor turned actor/comedian Ken Jeong plays Dr. Ken, a brilliant physician with a lousy bedside manner. He is always trying to be a good doctor, as well as a good husband and dad to his two kids. If he could only relax, get out of his own way and stop second-guessing everyone and everything around him.

Suzy Nakamura
Allison Park

Suzy Nakamura stars as Ken's wife Allison, a psychotherapist who does her best to keep her husband's anxiety, hypersensitivity and control issues in check.

Albert Tsai
Dave Park

Albert Tsai stars as Ken's highly intellectual nine-year-old son Dave, who is on a quest for artistic freedom (and possibly about to commit social suicide in the upcoming school talent show).

Krista Marie Yu
Molly Park

Krista Marie Yu stars as Ken's 16-year-old boundary-testing, social media-obsessed daughter Molly, whose newly-minted driver's license (and freedom) gives him much cause for concern.

Syfy | Premieres December 14 | Mondays 10/9c

Florence Faivre
Julie Mao

Based on the bestselling sci-fi book series by James S. A. Corey, The Expanse follows the case of a missing young heiress named Julie Mao, played by Florence Faivre, who brings a hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain together in a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

Fox | Premieres September 29 | Tuesdays 8/7c

Ravi Patel

In this new comedy from executive producers Dan Fogelman and Daniel Chun, John Stamos stars as Jimmy, a charismatic longtime bachelor whose life is upended when he discovers he's a father -- and a grandfather. Ravi Patel plays Jimmy's good friend Ravi, a chef who is always up for a party but is never invited to one.

NBC | Premieres September 24 | Thursdays 8/7c

Kiki Sukezane

A continuation of NBC's hit 2006 Heroes series, Heroes Reborn is a 13-episode "event miniseries" that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. Kiki Sukezane plays Miko, a quiet and unique young Japanese woman who is trying to track down her missing father while hiding an extraordinary secret that will make her a force to be reckoned with.

Original cast members Masi Oka and Sendhil Ramamurthy will also reprise their roles from Heroes.

AMC | Premieres November 15 | Sundays 10/9c

Daniel Wu

AMC's genre-bending martial arts series Into the Badlands, loosely based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. stars Daniel Wu as a ruthless, well-trained warrior named Sunny, who embarks on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

Aramis Knight

Aramis Knight stars as M.K., a young boy who accompanies Sunny on his journey.

Amazon Prime | Premieres November 20

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Nobusuke Tagomi

Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle is set in an alternate history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa plays Nobosuke Tagomi, a Trade Minister of the Japanese puppet state of the Pacific States of America.

Joel de la Fuente
Inspector Kido

Joel de la Fuente is Inspector Kido, the cold and calculating head of the Kempeitai, the Japanese secret police, stationed in San Francisco.

Netflix | Premieres November 6

Aziz Ansari

Comedian Aziz Ansari's new original Netflix series, co-created with Parks and Recreation's Alan Yang, centers on the professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York who has trouble deciding what he wants to eat, much less the pathway for the rest of his life. Further details are sparse, but Kelvin Yu is also in the cast.

Fox | Premieres September 21 | Mondays 9/8c

Li Jun Li

Minority Report is the TV sequel to the 2002 Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller, set ten years after the events of the original film. Li Jun Li plays Akeela, a Crime Scene Investigation technician.

ABC | Premieres September 27 | Sundays 10/9c

Priyanka Chopra
Alex Parrish

Indian actress and recording artist Priyanka Chopra makes her American television debut headlining the drama Quantico, which centers on a diverse group of trainees at the FBI Academy -- one of whom is a sleeper agent responsible masterminding the biggest terror attack on New York City since 9/11.

NBC | Premieres October 16 | Fridays 8:30/7:30c

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Truth Be Told is a hangout comedy about two couples who can't help but analyze and obsess about everything. Mark-Paul Gosselaar stars as Mitch, "a college ethics professor who goes through life with a heightened attention to justice. He knows he can't change the world but is quite determined to change his corner of it."

Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Lachey stars as Tracy, "a positive force of nature who flawlessly balances being a tough-as-nails attorney, a loving mom and Mitch's better half."


AMC | Premiered August 23 | Sundays 9/8c

Cliff Curtis
Travis Manawa

In AMC's companion series to the hit zombie The Walking Dead, veteran New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis, who is of Maori heritage, stars as father and English teacher Travis Manawa, who must protect his fractured, blended family amid the outbreak of the undead apocalypse in Los Angeles.

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