6 Things All Immigrant Kids Experience

"Nagooyen. Mister Nigin. Mister Nugugian."

Hilarious. Fellow kids from immigrant families, tell me you're feeling this too. AJ+ just dropped this video featuring a bunch of funny folks explaining 6 Things All Immigrant Kids Experience -- some of the many quirks of growing up in an immigrant family, including dealing with hard-to-pronounce names, Lunchables, sleepovers, dating, camping and long distance phone calls. Many of you will be able to relate.

Check it out:

Love this. In the part about long-distance calling, I'd add yelling. Lots of yelling. For some reason, my immigrant family members held the belief that if you yelled loudly enough during international phone calls, the volume would somehow make up for the distance. You could always tell when mom and dad were calling the motherland... because you could hear them from down the block.


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