Chef Sang Yoon is working on restaurant drama for Fox

One-hour drama pitch 'On the Line' inspired by the restaurateur behind the best damn burger in America.

This sounds cool... Los Angeles chef Sang Yoon, the restaurateur behind Father's Office and Lukshon, is getting in on the television game. But it's not a cooking or travel show. Yoon has partnered with Empire co-executive producer Ingrid Escajeda to sell On the Line, a "soapy restaurant drama" pitch to Fox.

'Empire' Co-EP & Father's Office Chef Sell Soapy Restaurant Drama To Fox

According to Deadline, On the Line is inspired by Yoon, but centers on a Korean American female chef, Juna Kim, "a man-izing, motorcycle-riding force of nature" who must balance the chaos of her restaurant staff and her personal life, "all while struggling to push her career beyond the famous burger that made her a star."

The one-hour drama, titled On The Line, is inspired by Yoon but centers on a female chef, Juna Kim, a man-izing, motorcycle-riding force of nature who must battle the "banging and brawling" chaos of her restaurant staff, the disdain of her old-school Korean parents, and the return of her estranged ex-husband, all while struggling to push her career beyond the famous burger that made her a star.

I'm totally down for this. You know, there is much debate amongst foodie circles about the best burger in Los Angeles. For me, it is, hands down, the Father's Office Burger. One of the best damn burgers in America. I never thought that amazing burger would be a source of drama to fuel a TV show, but here we are.

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