Halloween is coming. Don't wear these racist costumes.

From "China Man" to "Shanghai Hottie," here's a roundup of questionable Asian-themed costumes.

Ah, October. You know what means. Halloween looms, and with it, a really bad excuse for people to act a fool and wear all kinds of terribly tasteless, racist costumes. I was reminded by this photo that's been making the rounds on social media. That's a trio of racial make-up sets readily available on the rack (presumably in the UK) for anyone who wants to get their black/redface/yellowface on. It's fun for the whole family.

But there's lots more awful stuff where that came from. In what has sort of become an unfortunate annual tradition, here's a roundup of questionable-to-shitty Asian-themed costumes available to the average consumer this Halloween. The advertised names of these costumes make them that much worse. Take a look:

Deluxe Samurai
It's the mustache that really completes this ensemble.

China Man
You've got to be kidding me.

Chinese Man
Not to be confused with "China Man."

Super Deluxe Chinese Man
Oh, shit. Super Deluxe.

Chinese Gentleman
"Please kick my ass."

Kato Kimono Oriental
What the fuck.

Plus Size Samurai
There is nothing remotely "samurai" about this.

Oriental Princess
Let's get this party started.

Dragon Lady
It wouldn't be Halloween without a Dragon Lady.

Japanese Lady
Oh, it gets worse.

Japanese Doll Sexy
Variations on a theme.

Dragon Lady
Getting the idea yet?

Gorgeous Fuchsia Geisha
More of the same, in fuchsia.

Dragon Mistress Geisha
Not just a mere Dragon Lady -- a Dragon Mistress Geisha.

Japanese Doll Sexy
"Japanese Doll Sexy." Just stringing words together.

Pagoda Woman
Why? Just... why?

Oriental China Doll
This is just sad.

Samurai Geisha
This is inexplicably insulting on like seventeen different levels.

Rice Farmer
Oh hell no.

Get the fuck out of here.

Indian Woman
What's in the bowl?

Indian Man
Does it come with the carpet?

Sexy Indian
Sexy anything.

Sexy Lotus Blossom
Please stop.

Shanghai Hottie
Why won't it stop?

Teen Geisha Girl Costume

Child Little Geisha
We're all going to hell.

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