New Music: 'The News Today' by Carry Hatchet

Debut solo album by singer/songwriter Christopher Larkin

Actor Christopher Larkin stars as Monty Green on the CW sci-fi drama The 100. He's also an immensely talented singer and songwriter, and makes music under the pseudonym Carry Hatchet. He recently released his debut acoustic folk pop album The News Today, and it's pretty damn great. He wrote and performed all ten songs on the album, with vocals by Julia Best on three songs. I've had it playing nonstop for the past week.

Here's the music video for "On the Mend":

Preview the album:

Man, I love this album. The News Today is available on iTunes and Bandcamp. For further information about Christopher Larkin and Carry Hatchet, visit his website and follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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