Helen Gym elected to Philadelphia City Council

Helen Gym is the first Asian American woman elected to office in Philadelphia.

The votes are in! Now it's official. On Tuesday in Philadelphia, public schools activist (and friend to this blog) Helen Gym won the general election for City Council At-Large, after kicking some serious ass at the polls.

Kenney and Gym change the education conversation

With over 142,000 votes, Gym was the leading vote-getter among Council at-large candidates. She is the first Asian American woman and the first Asian American Democrat ever elected to office in Philadelphia.

Gym rode to the Council on the strength of her education activism, building a grassroots campaign and raising more in small dollar contributions in the primary than any other candidate, including the mayor's race.

In her election night statement, Gym thanked community supporters and reiterated her commitment to public education, stressing that "Our work has only just begun."

"Today, the voters have spoken. I am humbled and proud to enter office with a vote of confidence from a diverse coalition of Philadelphians from every neighborhood, big and small, and to those nationwide who paid attention to and supported this race. My campaign finished how it started, as a grassroots movement for change, knocking on 6,000 doors, making 27,000 phone calls and raising more money through small donations than any Council or Mayoral candidate during the primary.

Everywhere I went in this campaign, voters demanded a City Council that focused on public education and a growing, sustainable economy for all Philadelphians, especially our most vulnerable. Those voices were heard.

These communities that carried me on their shoulders to victory will be walking through the doors of City Hall with me in January. Our work has only just begun."

Congratulations, Helen Gym, Councilwoman-Elect!


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