Sikh man's selfie doctored to look like Paris terrorist

Veerender Jubbal has never even been to Paris.

By now, you've seen and heard about the deadly terror attacks that killed at least 129 people in Paris last week. While there has been an international outpouring of support and compassion, the aftermath has also seen assholes act like bigger assholes, as assholes so often do. For instance, the asshole who doctored this photo of a Canadian Sikh man to make him look like one of the terrorists purportedly responsible for the attack.

Doctored photo wrongly accuses Sikh man of being Paris terrorist

Shortly after the attacks, someone doctored a photo of Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh man who months ago posted a selfie taken in front of a mirror. Mr. Jubbal, who wears a turban and beard in observance of his faith, was holding an iPad. The image was altered to show him holding a Quran and wearing a suicide vest.

What. The. Fuck.

When the doctored image began to spread -- and even got picked up and reported by one of Spain's biggest newspapers -- Jubbal posted the original photo as evidence that he had nothing to do with the attacks. He's never even been to Paris. He's just a regular guy with a turban who posted a selfie, which unfortunately is enough fodder for some Photoshopping asshole to turn him into a terrorist.

It's unclear who edited the image or why, though Jubbal, a vocal critic of the Gamergate movement, says he's been the longtime target of online harassment. This might just be some asshole's latest attempt to smear him.

Seriously, who does this shit? People are awful.

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