Disney World's 'Big Hero 6' meet-and-greet drops Hiro Hamada

Theme park eliminates the only Asian male character from its popular meet-and-greet attraction.

Big Hero 6 fans heading to Walt Disney World hoping to meet and snap a photo with a real-life Baymax and Hiro Hamada are going to be disappointed. The park has dropped Hiro from the meet-and-greet.

The Baymax meet-and-greet moves to Epcot, kicks out pal Hiro

Visitors to The Magic of Disney Animation attraction used to be able meet with Baymax and Hiro, the stars of Marvel/Disney's 2014 animated superhero adventure Big Hero 6, inside a recreation of Hiro's garage workshop. The meet-and-greet has reportedly moved to a new location at Epcot's Character Spot, but now it's just Baymax, the puffy inflatable health robot, greeting guests alone. No more Hiro.

As the Orlando Weekly points out, Hiro was unique in that he was an Asian, male face character -- played by an Asian actor -- with a permanent meet-and-greet location. What a bummer they've booted him.

Here are a couple of videos, shot last year, of Hiro and Baymax in action:

You can still get a squishy hug from Baymax, but Hiro won't be there to help.

The former meet-and-greet involved a short conversation with Hiro before you posed for a pic with both him and Baymax. With the inflated costume, Baymax has even less mobility than most characters at WDW, causing the new meet-and-greet to lose some of its luster. Now, instead, of Hiro helping you pose and meet Baymax, you have cast members. The absence of Hiro highlights Baymax’s mobility issues.

Alas, Disney apparently doesn't have any more love for the Asian kid.

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