Don't Be An Activist

Fong Tran and Chaz Ashley's spoken word piece is an ode to fellow activists and agents of change.

Sacramento-based community organizer and spoken word artist Fong Tran recently released his newest spoken word video with close collaborator Chaz Ashley, entitled "Don't Be an Activist." Wait, what?

It is, in fact, a loving ode to their fellow activists and agents of change.

"This video is in honor of the people that choose to stick out by speaking up, in honor of all the folks that choose the hard path because they understand it's the right one," Fong says. "We hope you find fuel from this piece."

Check it out:

Spoken like folks who are more than acquainted with that 501(c)(3) struggle.

The full original text for "Don't Be An Activist" can be found here. For further information on Fong Tran and his work, take a look at his website, and follow updates on Tumblr and Twitter.


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