'Off the Menu: Asian America' available for online streaming

You can watch Grace Lee's food documentary on PBS.org until January 5.

The feature documentary Off the Menu: Asian America, produced by CAAM and KQED, is a road trip to the kitchens, factories, temples and farms of Asian Pacific America that explores how our relationship to food reflects our evolving communities. From Texas to New York and from Wisconsin to Hawaii, award-winning filmmaker Grace Lee takes audiences on a journey using our obsession with food as a launching point to delve into a wealth of stories, traditions, and unexpected characters that help nourish this nation of immigrants.

This is not your typical food travelogue. If you missed the public television broadcast of Off the Menu: Asian America, the film is currently available for streaming in its entirety on PBS.org until January 5.

Check it out:

Watch it now before it expires on the 5th! For further information about Off the Menu: Asian America, visit the PBS website. Also head over to Facebook, where you can get updates and extra content.


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