Alan Yang & Kelvin Yu: "Same race, different dude."

The Hollywood Reporter confuses 'Master of None' star Kelvin Yu with writer Alan Yang.

So check it. You're Alan Yang. You co-create a celebrated, critically-acclaimed Netflix comedy series, Master of None, with your buddy Aziz Ansari. Not only does Master of None win a Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy Series, you absolutely kill it with your burn-tastic acceptance speech thanking "straight white guys."

But in the end, they're just going to confuse you with another Asian guy.

The Hollywood Reporter's red carpet coverage of the Critics' Choice Awards included this photo of Master of None stars Lena Waithe and Kelvin Yu, who respectively play Denise and Brian on the show. Of course, Kelvin was -- let's be real, predictably -- mislabeled as "writer Alan Yang." Because, you know, Asians.

As the real Alan Yang remarked on Twitter, "Same race, different dude."

Granted, Kelvin Yu's character Brian is clearly the show's proxy for Alan, which is pretty cool. But dude, it must have been at least a little confusing -- if not totally mind-blowing -- for some folks to see this badass motley crew from Master of None taking the stage on Sunday night:

As we've noted before, most people can handle one Asian on a show. But if you put more than one, chaos.


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