Kero Uno tells a love story in "Journey Together"

Latest music video from Kero Uno's producer album 'Reflection Eternal'

Los Angeles based DJ/producer/rapper Kero One, who has been making music under the alias Kero Uno as of late, recently dropped a new music video for "Journey Together," from his latest album Reflection Eternal.

According to Kero, this is his most meaningful music video to date, as he took on the role of writing, directing and starring in the video alongside Heidi Kuan. It's an instrumental track, but he had a vision for it, and he wanted to see it through.

"I know this isn't the most commercial-sounding song on the album that one might think deserves all the time, money and energy," Kero says. "But I just wanted to execute a vision I had when producing this song."

Check it out:

For those wondering what the hell happened there at the end of the video, the seemingly out-of-nowhere surprise moment connects back to Kero Uno's previous music video for "Princess Diamond."

Reflection Eternal is available on iTunes and Spotify, as well as on MP3, CD and vinyl from Bandcamp. For more information on Kero Uno and his music, head over to his website and follow updates on Facebook.


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