Montana cop accused of pulling gun while drunk at party

Phillip Jay Clark allegedly pointed his gun at an Asian man he called "an ISIS."

What is up with drunken cops brandishing guns this week? In Montana, a sheriff's deputy was arrested for allegedly assaulting and pulling a gun on an Asian man he called "an ISIS" while drunk at a party.

Sheriff's Deputy Faces Felony Charge of Assault With a Weapon

49-year-old Lewis and Clark County sheriff's deputy Phillip Jay Clark was arrested on a felony charge of assault with a weapon. He is accused of pointing the gun at a man's chest three times with his finger on the trigger while "super intoxicated" at a bonfire outside his home last month.

The victim, who is described in court documents as "half-Asian," says that Clark, "got a little bit violent and a little bit aggressive right away." After shaking his hand, Clark "pulled out his gun, pointed it at me and then laughed, handing it somebody else like we were about to fight."

Clark him in the ribs and in the groin, then later called him "an ISIS" and pulled the gun on him again.

The documents say C.F. told the investigator Clark hit him in the ribs, then asked the victim to name the capital of Thailand, responded "Bangkok" and hit him in the groin before the man could respond.

"C.F. had long hair on his head, facial hair and he is half-Asian," court documents note.

Later during the bonfire, Clark is accused of becoming aggressive toward the man again and calling him "an ISIS" while brandishing his gun. C.F. reported a friend telling him to flee.

"He said as he ran away he was '100% positive he was gonna start shooting,'" the documents say.

Phillip sounds like a really fun guy, if you like racism and getting a gun pointed at you, for no fucking reason.

An investigation into the incident began when the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's office received an officer complaint about Clark. An agent with the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation was brought in to lead the investigation in order to avoid a conflict of interest with the sheriff's office.

Clark was arrested on Monday morning, but released on his recognizance. He still employed by the county.

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