The Best Damn Sulu Action Figure Ever

The One:12 Collective Hikaru Sulu by Mezco

Toymaker Mezco recently dropped a first look at its upcoming figure for the USS Enterprise's chief helmsman, Hikaru Sulu, from the original Star Trek series. This might just be the best damn Sulu figure ever. Geek out.

The One:12 Collective Hikaru Sulu is digitally modeled and sculpted to craft an exceptional facial likeness to George Takei, with over 28 points of articulation, numerous accessories as well as interchangeable parts.

The figure, available July 2016, will feature a real fabric uniform with accurate trim and insignia; leather-look screen-matched boots; both a regular head and a smiling head; fists (L&R); posing hands (L&R), phaser holding hand (R), communicator/tricorder holding hand (L); communicator with flip-up panel; phaser; fencing sword; away team belt with holster for communicator and phaser; and a display base for posing post.

Here's a breakdown of the figure's details:

The One:12 Collective Hikaru Sulu features:

• Real fabric uniform with accurate trim and insignia
• Incredible sculpted details capturing the likeness of this groundbreaking character
• Leather-look screen matched boots

What's in the box:

• Regular head
• Alternate smiling head
• Fists (L & R)
• Posing hands (L & R)
• Phaser holding hand (R)
• Communicator/Tricorder holding hand (L)
• Sword holding hand (R)
• Communicator with flip up panel
• Tricorder with opening top section
• Phaser
• Fencing sword
• Away Team belt with holster for communicator and phaser
• Display base with posing post

Each figure is packaged in a deluxe, fifth panel window box with translucent acetate slipcover. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging allows for both maximum protection as well as ease of removal for display.

The One:12 Collective Sulu will cost $70.00 and is currently available for pre-order. Here are more photos:

Does the tunic come off? Because the figure does comes with a fencing sword. Fellow Trekkies, I'm imagining some pretty fierce action figure re-creations of shirtless, sword-wielding Sulu from "The Naked Time."


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