The Last White Guy in Los Angeles

New Comedy Central webseries imagines the year 2042, when all the white people get transported to Canada.

Beware, white people! There will be a reckoning. The new Comedy Central webseries White Flight imagines the morning of January 20, 2042 -- the exact moment that white people will become a minority in America. In episode one, a guy named Gary wakes up to discover that almost all the white people in Los Angeles have been transported to Canada -- except him.

Here's the first episode:

Shout out to my pal Jenny Yang, who appears in episode one as the woman on the street who declares to Gary, "You're pretty white." Future episodes also include hilarious appearances from our friends Parvesh Cheena, Deborah S. Craig and a perfectly cast Hari Kondabolu (as himself, sort of).

Watch the rest of White Flight here.


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