Teen suspect arrested in viral video attack on delivery man

Police arrest 13-year-old who messed with the wrong Chinese takeout guy.

In New York, a 13-year-old boy who was caught on camera attacking and robbing a Chinese food delivery man has been arrested. Police caught the teen suspect after a video of the incident went viral this week.

Suspect Nabbed In Viral Video Attack On Chinese Food Delivery Man

In the video, the teen is seen tormenting a 38-year-old delivery man. As the man comes out of a building, the teen shoves the victim to the ground, then tears the food out of his hands. As the man tries to gather the bags, the teen kicks a container. That's when the delivery man loses it and goes off on the kid, fighting back.

The incident occurred in the Wagner Houses in East Harlem last November, but the video went viral after being posted by Mediatakeout earlier this week:

NYC Teen Robs Chinese Delivery Man!

Teenager Tries To ROB A Chinese Delivery Man . . . Who Was Delivering Food To #WagnerProjects In New York City . . . But The Delivery Man . . WASN'T A PUNK!!! (This Is Why . . . They DON'T DELIVER To The PROJECTS . . . SMH)

Posted by Mediatakeout on Sunday, February 21, 2016

According to the NYPD, the teen was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with robbery in the third degree.

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