Asian students targeted in Auckland attacks

Police are investigating a series of aggravated robberies on international students in New Zealand.

More disturbing news of Asians targeted with violence. This one comes to us from New Zealand, where a spate of vicious attacks on international students has raised concerns that Asians in the area are being targeted.

Brutal assaults scaring Auckland's Asian students

In Auckland, police are investigating a series of aggravated robberies -- four attacks in the past week -- in which the victims were Asian international students. All of the attacks occurred in public places, sometimes in broad daylight Arrests have been made in two of the cases.

One victim suffered a deep cut under her eye during the attack in Albert Park.

The first attack occurred last Tuesday evening. Two female Chinese students from the University of Auckland were attacked and robbed by a group of up to six teen boys and girls as they walked through a park. They were punched, kicked and wrestled to the ground before the group stole a handbag and a phone.

On Wednesday, two Japanese women were attacked near a park by a group of teens. The women were dragged, punched, kicked and robbed. Four teens were later arrested in connection with the attack.

On Thursday morning, a male Chinese student from Unitec's Mt. Albert campus was walking in Oakley Creek when he was attacked by two men who kicked him, stomped on his head, and stole his laptop before fleeing in a car. Police have posted images of the suspects in the attack.

Vehicle belonging to suspects in the Oakley Creek attack.

And on Monday night, an international student was walking on the street on Newmarket when he was pushed to the ground by four youths, ages 12 to 14, who were later arrested.

What the hell is going on in Auckland? It seems that Asians can't walk on the street and mind their own business like a normal-ass person without getting punched, kicked in the face, and their shit stolen.

Auckland councillor Mike Lee believes that Asian students, particularly Chinese, are being targeted by "predatory gangs" of robbers.

"It's not just background noise crime, it's a serious problem," Lee told Stuff. "There's a racial aspect to it because these kids are seen to be reasonably well-off, and they're small, and these people are bullies so they pick on them."

Mayor Len Brown, however, is trying assure visitors that Auckland is a safe city. He claims that there is no indication "as yet" that Asian students are being targeted.

"The fact they happen to be Asian is not in itself significant," Brown said.

Denial. Aaaaand that's why this is probably going to keep happening.

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