The strange, beautiful gift of 'Hana Sasaki's Tail'

Short film starring Michelle Krusiec and Philip Wang to premiere at Cannes

I am so intrigued by this killer trailer for the short film Hana Sasaki's Tail, written and directed by Kevin Berlandi. Starring Michelle Krusiec and Philip Wang, and adapted from the award-winning book of short stories Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail by Kelly Luce, the fantastical film delves into the idea of identity as Hana Sasaki, on her thirtieth birthday, receives a "gift" that she could have never imagined.

This looks super-cool.

The seven-minute short will officially premiere at the prestigious Festival de Cannes in May. Sadly, not long after announcing that Hana Sasaki's Tail had made it into Cannes, Kevin learned that the film's cinematographer, Vasco Nunes, was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident.

"This achievement is so bittersweet for me," Kevin shares on Facebook. "As immensely talented as Vasco Nunes was, his talent was eclipsed by his capacity for love and life." Rest in peace.

Here's more about the film from star Michelle Krusiec, who plays Hana: Festival De Cannes 2016

Looking forward to eventually seeing this film.


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