Who is spray-painting this racist graffiti in Garden Grove?

The phrase "South Viet Whores" has been found tagged in multiple locations around the area.

Straight outta Orange County... this photo was submitted by a reader who says they spotted this racist graffiti on Newland Street near Trask Avenue in Garden Grove. It seems that the author feels a certain way about "South Viet Whores" and "Chinese Fuckes" and decided to publicly express that sentiment with spray paint.

This photo was taken on Monday, but evidence suggests that the graffiti has perhaps been there for at least a month. Several Twitter mentions indicate that the "South Viet Whores" tag has been spotted elsewhere in the vicinity, including on Bolsa Avenue and at the H Mart on Garden Grove Blvd, at least as early as last August.

If anyone is wondering, the population of Garden Grove is roughly 31% Asian. Someone presumably has a problem with this. I get it -- you got tired of leaving anonymous racist comments on websites and invested in a can of spray paint. Feel better now? I don't know what else to say, except that this shit is racist, and it still happens on a fairly regular basis. What's good, Garden Grove?

(Thanks, Vu)


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