Man thwarted while trying drug and rape his dinner date

Michael Hsu was arrested after three watchful women caught him slipping something into his date's drink.

By now you may have seen the viral meme -- DON'T ROOFIE SOMEONE ON OUR WATCH -- about the trio of friends who thwarted a potential sexual assault when they saw a man attempt to drug his date's drink at a Southern California restaurant last week. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Michael Hsu. Ugh.

Suspect ID'd in alleged date-drugging attempt detailed in viral meme

Sonia Ulrich, Marla Saltzer and Monica Kenyon were out for happy hour at the Fig restaurant in Santa Monica on Thursday when Kenyon noticed Hsu at another table acting strangely. After his date had excused herself, he appeared to be fumbling with her drink, then dropped something in the glass.

That's when the friends took action. One of them followed the woman into the bathroom to let her know what she and her friends had seen: her friend just tried to roofie her. Meanwhile, one of the other friends alerted the restaurant staff, who called the cops. Later, they found out that the restaurant's security footage had captured the incident and corroborated their suspicions. The would-be date rapist was busted.

Ulrich, Saltzer and Kenyon detailed the incident in a Facebook post that quickly went viral, proclaiming "GUESS WHO STOPPED A RAPE LAST NIGHT?! THESE GALS!"

Hsu was arrested and charged with felony counts of intent to commit a felony and intent to use a drug to commit a felony. Santa Monica Police said they recovered multiple vials of an unknown substance in his possession. Officers also executed a search warrant at Hsu's home, but didn't disclose what they found.

Police are asking any possible additional witnesses or victims to contact them. Anyone with more information can contact Detective Nicole Serra at (310) 458-8941, Sgt. Sal Lucio at (310) 458-8760 or the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8495. Stay vigilant, people.

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