Fund This: 'The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up'

Help Artists at Play present the world premiere of Carla Ching's play.

This year, the Los Angeles-based Asian American theatre collective Artists at Play will present its sixth mainstage show, the world premiere production of Carla Ching's The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up, directed by Jeremy Lelliott. I mean, come on, the title alone has got you intrigued, right?

The play follows Diana and Max who meet at 10 years old -- "the day their parents start fucking." Over the next 18 years, their parents break up, get back together, marry and divorce. And they see each other through it all, trying not to make the same mistakes their parents did. It's a play about "trying not to fall in love with your best friend so you end up hating them."

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up will have a 4-week run at Hollywood's Lounge Theater in August/September 2016. Artists at Play is currently trying to raise funds for the production through Indiegogo.

Here's a video with some more details:

Having presented Los Angeles premieres up until now, The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up marks Artists at Play's first-ever world premiere production, which comes with its own unique set of challenges.

"But as we build our skills as producers and curators in the L.A. theatre community, we know that this is the next step for Artists at Play," the Indiegogo campaign explains. "We want to begin using our resources and experience to help shepherd these new, diverse stories to American theatre."

The goal is to raise $9,000.

"Artists at Play envisions a Los Angeles community where Asian Americans are recognized as both theatre-makers and theatre-goers. Our productions represent a new generation of voices in theatre that transcend the label of 'Asian American' or 'minority.' Your support for The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up and Artists at Play will help promote more diversity and inclusion of Asian American artists and stories in the local theatre landscape."

Donations are tax deductible. For further information about the production, as well as Artists at Play, and to make a contribution to The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up, head over to Indiegogo.


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