Mitski's new music video has a terrifying twist

"Happy," directed Maegan Houang, is anything but.

The signs are all there. Is he being unfaithful? Turns out, it's much worse. This wild music video for "Happy" by New York-based indie rock artist Mitski, from her new album Puberty 2, starts as a fairly conventional 1950s period romance... and unexpectedly goes to a very weird, dark (and spoiler: gory) place.

Stay for the shocking ending. Check it out:

That's Lisa Maley as the wife of the cheating (and murderous) husband. The video is directed by Maegan Houang, who previously shocked and surprised us with her totally awesome, bizarro, chemically dangerous nail salon nightmare music video for "I Can't Be Your Superman." Suddenly it all makes sense.

For more work from Maegan Houang, check out her website.

Mitski's new album Puberty 2 will be out June 17. Get it on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all the usual online music sources. For more information on Mitski, visit her website and follow updates on Facebook.


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