Family Reunion: A Storytelling Show

"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow": Thursday, July 21 at Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe

Hey, Los Angeles! Who wants to hear a story? It's time for another edition of Disoriented Comedy's Family Reunion, a monthly live storytelling show co-presented by Angry Asian Man, Tuesday Night Project, Mishthi Music and KAYA Press, featuring regular everyday folks talking story. No notes.

This month's theme is "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," guest co-curated by Taz Ahmed and co-produced/hosted by Neelanjana Banerjee. The evening's lineup of storytellers includes Ramy Eletreby, Ruman Kazi, Marium Mohiuddin, Neda Momeni, Winty Singh, Maaz Ali, Shaan Dasani, Sanjay Shah and Amrita Dhaliwal.

It's happening Thursday, July 21 at Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe. Here are some more details:

THIS THURSDAY! "HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW" is our theme and we are guest co-curated by Tanzila Ahmed of Mishthi Music and co-produced/hosted by Neelanjana Banerjee of Kaya Press!
Pre-sale tickets online: http://disorientedcomedy.com/

Disoriented Comedy's hit monthly Storytelling Show series.
Now at a NEW VENUE: The Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe in Silverlake! ALSO NOTE NEW TIME: 8-9:45PM

Every month we talk story with sparkling performers and everyday folks from our communities! This series is co-presented by Kollaboration, Angry Asian Man, Tuesday Night Project, Mishthi Music and KAYA Press.

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 - 8-9:45PM
"FAMILY REUNION": A Storytelling Show
Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe in Silverlake
2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Tickets $10 (at the door cash preferred) or Auntie's Best Dish.
Pre-sale tickets online until 5PM day of the show http://disorientedcomedy.com/

Beer, Wine, Food and Refreshments available. Street Parking

+ RAMY ELETREBY. Salaam, Love. Writer. Theater-Maker
+ RUMAN KAZI. Musician. Theatre. Actor.
+ MARIUM MOHIUDDIN. Communications. Activist. Changemaker.
+ NEDA MOMENI. Comedian. Baby Nurse. Irreverent.
+ WINTY SINGH. Healthcare. Sarcastic. Tweeter.
+ MAAZ ALI. Business Man in Lady Gaga's Music Video.
+ SHAAN DASANI. Actor. Global Taxi Driver. Kate.
+ SANJAY SHAH. Writer. Co-Exec Producer of Fresh Off the Boat.
+ AMRITA DHALIWAL. Millenial Parents. Improv. Funny.
+ HOST: NEELANJANA BANERJEE. Kaya Press. Long Hair. Not Becky.

I'm telling you, it's always a good time. Make some plans, grab a friend and head over to Family Reunion for some storytelling. For further information, refer to the Facebook event. To purchase tickets, go here.

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