Angry Reader of the Week: Daniel Dae Kim

"I'm about trying to leave this world a better place than how we found it."

What's up good people of the internet? It is time, once again, to hear from the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Daniel Dae Kim.

Who are you?

I am a father, a son, a husband, and a friend. I try very hard (with varying degrees of success) to be good at all of them.

What are you?

Where are you?

These are very open ended questions. I feel like I'm taking a final for a philosophy class.

Physically, Hawaii, LA, New York, and lately more and more, Seoul.

Psychologically, in a good place, despite the many challenges that characterize these times.

Where are you from?

I was born in Busan, Korea, but moved to New York when I was a little over one year old. I've since lived in Easton, Pennsylvania, New York (again), and Los Angeles before moving to Hawaii. I seem to keep moving westward. At this rate, I guess my next stop is Asia.

What do you do?

I am an actor, producer, and I've also dipped my toe into directing.

What are you all about?

It's hard for me to answer this question without fear that the cynics among us will think it's manufactured PR bullshit. I've been accused of that before -- from journalists in the Asian American media, no less.

Regardless, here goes. I'm about trying to leave this world a better place than how we found it. Of course, that encompasses equality and social justice. Anyone who follows me on social media already knows how important that is to me. On a larger scale though, I'm about taking everything we've been able to learn through art, science, spirituality, history... and applying that knowledge in a way that puts us in harmony with each other and our world.

Maybe what I'm saying is that I'm a dad. A dad who cares about the legacy we leave behind for our children.

What makes you angry?

•   Cynicism that kills hope. (See my commentary to the previous question)

•   Drivers who pull out dangerously fast from a side street to get in front of you and then go really slow.

•   People who don't vote, but are quick to complain about how bad America is.
I wonder what would happen if there was ever a law introduced that took away people's right to vote if they failed to do so over a period of time…

•   Junk food entertainment, especially the shows that follow vapid personalities, purporting their narcissistic, selfish values to be “reality.” I consider them dangerous because their lowbrow appeal to people's basest instincts subconsciously promotes their subjects' shallow lifestyles as aspirational.

•   Unequal opportunity of any kind - especially when it involves children. But truthfully that makes me more sad than angry.

•   Partisan demagoguery and obstructionism that puts politics ahead of actually helping people. Yes, I'm looking at you, Congress.

•   People who trade in rumors and innuendo, and think that talking shit about others is fun.

•   Entitlement, especially on the part of those who have so much.

For the record, I'd much rather talk about the things that make me happy. Maybe next time...

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