"AAPIs significantly impact the 2016 election"

Don't you want that to be the headline in the news after Election Day? By APIAVote.

On Tuesday, millions of Americans are going to cast their ballots -- not just for the next President, but for our elected representatives from Congress to our city councils.

We want to make sure that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are going to make the headlines in the days after November 8th. You can help us by making a plan to vote -- and to remind your friends and family to vote too.

Here's how you can make sure we make headlines:

1. Are you registered to vote?

If you've moved recently or haven't voted in recent elections, make sure you're properly registered to vote at your current address. Checking that your voter registration is up to date will ensure you have a smooth voting process!

Check your voter registration→

2. Do you know who you're voting for?

Being an informed voter is critical to the success of our democracy. Our Learn hub has all the information you need -- hear directly from the presidential campaigns, look up voter guides, and find out what other candidates, from Congress to local office, you'll be voting for come Election Day.

Learn what's on your ballot→

3. Do you know where and when you're going to vote?

Do you know where you're voting yet? What time are you going, and are you bringing anyone? Make sure you go to the right polling location -- look it up ahead of time so you're ready for Tuesday!

Find your polling place→

4. Do you need a photo ID?

Some states require a valid photo ID to cast a ballot, and others require ID if this is the first time you've ever voted. Make sure you're prepared and have whatever identification necessary with you -- our handy state guides online will help.

Figure out the law in your state→

5. What are your voting rights?

When you go to the polls, you have certain rights that cannot be taken from you. Make sure you know what those are -- for example, did you know it is your right to bring an interpreter to the polls with you? So long as they aren't your employer or union representative, of course. Watch our voting rights video to learn more!

Learn your rights→

6. You're now ready for Election Day

Voting is fundamental to the success of our democracy. Your vote advances our communities, and ensures that the voices of AAPIs are seen and heard. Thanks for doing your part this year!

Share with us on social media using the hashtag #PowerUp and tell us that you voted -- we want to see those "I Voted" stickers!

Plan to vote on Election Day→

Have questions or need help voting?
Call 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683).

We're here to help make voting as easy as possible—and to make sure your rights are protected. If you have any questions about voting, from your polling location to your voting rights, give us a call at 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683). We're taking calls like from 6AM ET to 10PM ET on Election Day.

Bilingual assistance is available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali.

APIAVote is a national nonpartisan organization that works with partners to mobilize Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in electoral and civic participation.

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