It's Asian Men! A Sexy Short Film

For anyone who thought 'Magic Mike' was sorely lacking some hot Asian men.

The sexy short film It's Asian Men!, directed by NaRhee Ahn, is a story about an Asian American wife and husband who get hot and bothered on a date night in, but the mood changes for the worse when they watch Magic Mike and see no hot sexy Asian men at all. (Thanks again, Hollywood.) But in the wife's dreams, she finds herself in an alternate all-Asian version of the film... then wakes up to a pleasant surprise.

WARNING: There is considerable shirtless gyrating.

Sure, the story's goofy. But if the sight Asian men doing sexy shit is weird to you, perhaps you should ask yourself why. This skewed view of Asian male sexuality is part of the reason why the filmmakers set out to make this film.

"Somehow Hollywood has brainwashed its audience to expect that only white male actors can be sexy," Junko Goda, actress and co-producer of It's Asian Men! tells The Huffington Post. I suppose a sexy short film featuring shirtless gyrating Asian men is one way to counteract said Hollywood brainwashing.

Not enough shirtless gyrating Asian men, if you ask me.

But you can't say Yoshi Sudarso didn't deliver the goods.

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