Korean church vandalized with swastikas

Police are investigating the graffiti as a possible hate crime.

In Orange County, police are investigating a possible hate crime after a Korean American church was vandalized with swastikas, German writing and other graffiti early Sunday morning.

Buena Park church vandalized with swastikas

Members of the True Light Christian Church in Buena Park found the church's outside walls tagged in red spray paint with the phrase "mein Ehrenheit" ("my honor"), a broken heart with the words "toxic love," as well as several swastikas. Because your racist scrawling just isn't complete without a fucking swastika.

Other markings found on reportedly include the words "apple" and "cherry," as well as something that appears to say "Jerve" or "Jerue." Hmm. Whoever did this is now starting to sound a little like the work of a heartbroken emo teen who happens to be taking high school German. And is also racist.

The church, whose congregation is primarily Korean, has apparently had break-ins and been vandalized in the past. It has already spent approximately $1,000 this year on cleaning up similar acts of vandalism, though this latest graffiti incident with the swastikas is described as "a new low."

The Buena Park Police Department says there was "no indication as to why this location was targeted" but the incident will be investigated as a possible hate crime "based on the nature of the vandalism and the proximity to the church."

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