Richard Marx subdues unruly passenger on Korean Air flight

Asians Behaving Badly... Unruly Air Passenger Edition!

On Tuesday, during a Korean Air flight from Hanoi to Seoul, a passenger got unruly and had to be restrained. It's a good thing Richard Marx was on board to help out. Yes, Grammy-winning singer Richard Marx helped restrain a passenger who became violent and attacked the flight's crew and passengers.

Singer Richard Marx Subdues Unruly Passenger Aboard Korean Air Flight

Marx and his wife Daisy Fuentes were on the flight to Korea when a guy sitting in the next row "got crazy." According to Fuentes, who posted photos of the incident on social media, the agitated passenger started pushing female flight attendants and pulling them by the hair. That's when Marx got involved.

The singer/songwriter, known for such hits as "Endless Summer Nights," "Right Here Waiting" and "Now and Forever" stepped up to help to restrain the passenger, who had to be subdued and secured with a rope. The entire ordeal apparently lasted four hours, with guy getting loose from his restraints three times.

According to TMZ, two passengers and a crew member sustained injuries. The unruly passenger was reportedly arrested by Seoul police when the plane landed at Incheon Airport. No word on the reason for his meltdown.

Damn. You knew he could sing a heartfelt, adult contemporary radio-friendly pop/rock ballad. Turns out that Richard Marx has also got the resolve to regulate an asshole air passenger, and quite handy with a rope.

Uh, also, who else was surprised as hell to learn that Richard Marx is married to Daisy Fuentes?

Yes, I agree. This is a really weird story.

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