This Song is the Unofficial Anthem of the Women's March

Inspiring a cappella performance of MILCK's "Quiet" inspires a movement.

If you've paying to attention to some of the cooler stories coming out of last week's historic Women's March on Washington, you may have seen this flash mob singing "Quiet," organized by Los Angeles-based singer MILCK, aka Connie Lim. After video of the powerful performance garnered millions of views in a matter of hours, the song was being called the unofficial anthem of the Women's March movement.

MILCK says she originally wrote the song as a way to heal from physical and sexual abuse, as well as depression and anorexia. When Donald Trump was elected president, in spite of his blatant history of sexism and misogyny -- we all heard the "grab them by the pussy" tape, folks -- MILCK thought the song would resonate with listeners, and set out to do something memorable with the song for the Women's March.

She contacted a small group of singers in cities across the country to coordinate the flash mob, rehearsing together via Skype before meeting up in D.C., where they performed a cappella versions of "Quiet" several times on Saturday. The result is this moving video, shot and uploaded to social media by filmmaker Alma Har'el, who just happened to come across the performance during the march.

The song has inspired a full fledged #ICANTKEEPQUIET movement. MILCK says she's received requests from all over the world for sheet music to the arrangement. If you'd like to start your own #ICANTKEEPQUIET choir, you can learn more about the song, and download the arrangement and guide recordings here.

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