Colorado home vandalized with eggs, feces in hate crime

About 50 flyers with hate messages were posted all over the property.

In Colorado, federal authorities are searching for suspects who vandalized the home of an Indian American family with eggs, toilet paper, dog feces and flyers with hate messages and racial slurs.

Home vandalized with hate messages; FBI searching for suspects

On Sunday morning, a couple in Peyton discovered that vandals had targeted their home, throwing dozens of eggs, smearing dog feces across their garage, and posting about fifty flyers with hate messages all over their property. The FBI is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

The homeowner, identified by KKTV only as by his first name, "Saravanan," said that significant portion of flyers, posted on his door, windows, car and all over house, contained racial slurs.

"'You brown or Indian shouldn't be here,' something like that," he told KKTV. "So it was frightening."

Saravanan says he has no idea why his home was targeted. (Other than, you know, racism.) The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has turned the case over to the FBI because it's a hate crime. No suspects have yet been identified.

For the record, I have no problem blaming this shit on Donald J. Trump.

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