Finally, a webseries about that 'Nonprofit' hustle

"...insightful, hilarious, and occasionally heartbreaking glimpse into activism, social justice, and nonprofit life."

Here's a fun-looking project that could use your crowd-funding support. Created by Luann Algoso, Nonprofit is a webseries that follows Gabby, "a spunky, idealistic Filipina organizer as she navigates relationships, friendship, family, and the realities of activism in and out of nonprofit." It's a story about finding love, searching for fulfillment in work, and navigating our life purpose.

If you recognize the ups and downs of the nonprofit hustle, this series is for you.

25-year-old Gabby Antonio just started as a community organizer at APIISA (Asian Pacific Islanders in Solidarity Alliance) a social justice nonprofit in Portland. The pilot follows Gabby as she stumbles through the planning of her first major community event, while also dealing with an incompetent boss, white savior canvassers, and all while managing her panic attacks through use of her favorite hot pink vibrator.

Here's a preview:

Algoso, an organizer and activist herself, says Nonprofit grew out of conversations with fellow nonprofit workers and organizers of color in Portland -- usually rants and gripes about working in their respective organizations.

"Our conversations were unique in the sense that we were all women of color trying to navigate our careers in nonprofit work," Algoso says. "A specific kind of work that is typically thankless and undeserving of recognition and higher salaries because we're doing the "good work."

This webseries is an attempt to shift the narrative about what it looks like to work in nonprofits, what it means to be a young queer woman of color navigating the whitest city in America, and what it means to be Asian and Pacific Islander in today's society.

"Because shows like Portlandia have established a strong narrative about Portland in the national landscape, and because Portland is America's whitest major metropolitan area, this city is the perfect backdrop to push back on racially homogenized narratives, while also offering a nuanced, insightful, hilarious, and occasionally heartbreaking glimpse into activism, social justice, and nonprofit life."

To accomplish this, they need your help. The goal is to raise $12,500 to go towards production costs such as renting equipment, permits, food, paying actors, and everything else that goes into shooting an indie project.

For further information about Nonprofit, and to make a donation, head over to Seek & Spark.

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