How to Make Bun Bo Hue

Mrs. Nguyen teaches you the secrets of spicy lemongrass beef noodle soup.

Awwwwww yeah. Mrs. Nguyen back with a brand new cooking lesson. The viral hit YouTube cooking show Cooking With Mrs. Nguyen recently dropped her first video in ten months, coming at you with a savory, steamy tutorial on how to make bun bo hue. Yum. The process is a little long a tricky, but with Mrs. Nguyen's help, you'll be cooking up some of that spicy lemongrass beef noodle soup in no time.

Take it away, Mrs. Nguyen:

The full recipe is also available in the YouTube video's show notes.

For more videos, check out Cooking With Mrs. Nguyen's YouTube channel. And to learn more about the origins of this awesome passion project, read "5 Things I Learned Watching My Mom's YouTube Cooking Show," written by Mrs. Nguyen's daughter Sahra Vang Nguyen.

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