Woman tells supermarket employees to "Go back to China"

Racist rant, erroneous claims about the law caught on video in Toronto-area Chinese supermarket.

This one comes to us from our neighbors to the north... A woman in a Toronto-area Chinese supermarket was caught on camera scolding employees for not speaking English and telling them to "Go back to China!"

'Go back to China': Outrage over racist rant caught on video

The video, recorded last Friday at the Foody Mart in Scarborough, Ontario, shows a white woman in a motorized wheelchair shouting at several Chinese employees at a -- heh heh -- Chinese food counter, after realizing they couldn't speak fluent English. That's when she told them to, you know, go back to China.

"They should go back to China," the woman tells one man, who was attempting to translate and mediate the situation. "Go back to China! This is Canada. If you're going to work here, it is the law to know English."

No, lady. This is indeed Canada, but it is not the law to know English. According to Canada's Official Languages Act, workers at private businesses don't need to speak English. Only employees at federal institutions are required to provide service in French or English.

So yeah, nobody's going back to China.

Frank Hong, who shot the video and posted it to Facebook, said the verbal abuse went on for several minutes. He says the shot the video to expose the racism and xenophobia that hits close to home.

"As Canadians we think we are safe from these disgusting attitudes and behaviours but we aren't," Hong, who lives in Toronto, wrote on Facebook. "It has only gotten worse recently."

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