He's 14 years old. He's named Jeremy Lin. And he can play.

No, not that Jeremy Lin. A different Jeremy Lin.

Have you heard of that guy Jeremy Lin? He's got game.

No, not Jeremy Lin, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. I'm talking about a 14-year-old kid also actually named Jeremy Lin, who was recently highlighted as one of the standout players from the 2017 Ballislife Jr. All American Camp by adidas Hoops. The kid can ball. According to ballislife.com, young Jeremy exhibited impressive range and passing abilities, landing him a spot in the top 25 game at the camp.

Here's a highlight video of Jeremy Lin in action:

How were his parents supposed to know when they named him that he'd not only grow up to be pretty good at basketball, but also share a name with the most famous Asian American player in the NBA?

When this kid showed up to the camp told everybody his name was Jeremy Lin, they must have thought he was joking. But young Jeremy definitely proved he's got some skills. That said, this could get pretty confusing.

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