Brazilian tennis player fined for making racist gesture

You know exactly what gesture I'm talking about.

A Brazilian tennis player has been fined for making a racist gesture while playing against a Japanese opponent during a Davis Cup match in Osaka. You know exactly what gesture I'm talking about.

Guilherme Clezar: Brazilian tennis player fined for 'offensive' gesture

Brazil's Guilherme Clezar made a gesture during a match against Japan's Yuichi Sugita on Friday. Clezar stretched his eyes in the direction of a line judge after successfully challenging a line call.

Because that was definitely the mature, sportsmanlike thing to do.

Actually, no. Clezar was fined £1,100 (about $1,500 US) by the International Tennis Federation for "unsportsmanlike conduct." Yes, at minimum. I would actually characterize it as "racist as shit."

In a statement, the ITF said: "The incident was reported after the match and the TV footage was then reviewed by the tie referee. Clezar issued a written apology. The ITF condemns all forms of offensive behaviour."

In his apology, posted on the Brazilian Tennis Confederation's Facebook page, Clezar claimed the gesture wasn't intended as "prejudice." Yes, your hands just rose to your eyes with utmost respect.

"We have been extremely well received here and I have an excellent relationship with all tennis players from many different countries on the circuit," Clezar wrote. "Even though I didn't mean any prejudice, I recognize the gesture doesn't ring true with the attitudes of respect, enthusiasm, solidarity, emotion and many other things that sport means to us and I want to express my regret and my most sincere apologies."

Who is he kidding with this "no prejudice" bullshit? Too many of us have been on the receiving end of the ol' slant eye throughout our entire lives, and it sure as hell isn't a sign of respect. This is the kind of bullshit kids pull on the playground. Clezar is a grown-ass man, and that was racist.

By the way, Clezar went on to lose the match in straight sets of 6-2, 7-5, 7-6.

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