Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 24: Lena Khan

Writer and Director of 'The Tiger Hunter'

Hey, podcast listeners! We're back, and pleased to share another edition of my original interview podcast Sound and Fury. For now, I'm hoping to get the show back on a monthly schedule, at least. So thank you for listening.

In Episode 24, I talk to Lena Khan, director and co-writer of the indie comedy The Tiger Hunter. She talks about her professional path to become a filmmaker, why her 1970s-set immigrant comedy feels particularly relevant right now, and how you can accomplish anything with just one really groovy suit.

Check it out:

Some notes about this episode:

The Tiger Hunter is now in playing in theaters nationwide.

• To learn more about The Tiger Hunter, visit the movie's website.

• Watch the trailer for The Tiger Hunter.

• Watch 18 Million Rising's Hangout with the cast and crew of The Tiger Hunter.

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