Randall Park vs. James Van Der Beek: The Rap Battle

'Fresh Off The Boat' star faces off against Dawson himself on 'Rock the Mic.'

You've seen him in over three seasons as the Huang family patriarch in Fresh Off The Boat. But did you know that Randall Park was once also a rapper? Back in the day, the guy who plays your favorite Asian American TV dad Louis Huang was once the frontman for the Los Angeles band Ill Again.

While the Ill Again days might be behind him, Randall's still got the rhymes. You can see him put his emcee skillz to use again on Drop the Mic, the new TBS comic battle rap competition series based on the popular segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which celebrities face off in a rap battle royale.

Randall was no doubt recruited to perform on Drop the Mic after dropping a few bars while appearing on The Late Late Show last year. According to the executive producer Jensen Karp, while other celebrities were paired up with writers to come up with their verses, Randall apparently showed up with his own already written.

On his episode of Drop the Mic, he will face off against none other than Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek. UPDATE: Here's the full battle:

Let it be known that Randall knows his rhymes:

He really knows his rhymes:

Randall Park versus James Van Der Beek airs November 1 on TBS.

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