Your Halloween Costumes, Part Two

Our annual gallery of reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween, dear readers! Now let's show off some of those costumes. Here is part two of our annual reader-submitted Halloween costume photo gallery (see part one here), one of our favorite holiday traditions.

Got an awesome, tasteful, non-offensive costume photo to share? Send it in. Photos of cute kids are especially welcome. Email your photos to angryasianman@angryasianman.com, or tag @angryasianman on social media. It helps to include the names of everyone in the photo, as well as a description of their costume(s).

(Just to be clear: by sending in your photo(s), it is assumed that you are giving permission to have them published on this website and/or our associated social media accounts.)

Here's the next round of photos. Stay tuned for part three.

Vu and Loan as future versions of themselves.

Amelia as Belle Hooks.

Aron as Gene, Polina as Louise and Tina as Tina from Bob's Burgers.

Nicholas Xander as Captain America. With a snake.

Jack, Bodie and Mikey.

Melanie as Dr. Aphra and Alex as Voltron.

Cameron, the walking wiener.

Melody and Dane as Mia and Sebastian from La La Land, because Emma Stone is Asian.

Liz as Marion Kelly.

Harper as Marion Kelly.

Emi as Ms. Marvel.

Tevy as Mulan.

Eleanor as Owleanor.

Trinity as Pennywise.

David and Lizzie as a Rebel pilot and BB-8.

Jamie and Jenny as TJ and Spinelli from Recess.

Thomas the rhino.

Tony as Big Bird, Sally as Cookie Monster, Nico as Cookie, and Mya as Elmo.

Stay Puft.

Arden as Supergirl.

Cindy as Wednesday Addams.

Wini as Wini Alice Cooper.

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