Your Halloween Costumes, Part Four

Our annual gallery of reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

All right. As we put Halloween behind us, here is one last look at your Halloween costumes. Here's the fourth and final round of our annual reader-submitted Halloween costume photo gallery (also see Part One, Part Two and Part Three). I put out a call for your awesome, tasteful, non-offensive costumes, and you delivered, dear readers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. You all look great!

So here's Part Four:

Hudson as Hanzo from Overwatch.

Skyler as Black Panther.

Laura as her favorite snack.

Laura's niece as Barbie.

Porg and Chewbacca.

Zoƫ as Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strategy and crafts.

Eli as Bruce Wayne Lee.

Serafina as a cow and Alejandro as a spider web.

Albert as Dead Columbus.

Alice as Eleven, Cat as Eggo, and Loki as Demogorgon.

Andrew the gingerbread man and Topher the bumblebee, out canvassing with Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta to get out the Asian American vote.

Dead Glenn.

Paxton as Harry Potter, Alekai as Dobby and Solana as Merida.

Jonah as Lucas and Lukas as Dustin from Stranger Things.

Riley as Moana and Casey as Hei Hei.

Leo as a Nintendo 3DS (playing Pokemon X: Mewtwo vs Shuckle.)

Melodie as Cindy Moon aka Silk.

Thanks, everybody! See you next year.

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