Your Halloween Costumes, Part Three

Our annual gallery of reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

Too... much... candy... As you recover from your Halloween candy sugar crash, let's take a look at some more of your costumes. Here is the latest found of our annual reader-submitted Halloween costume photo gallery (also see Part One and Part Two), one of our favorite holiday traditions. I put out the call for your awesome, tasteful, non-offensive costumes and you delivered, dear readers.

Check it out:

Derek as boba.

Coraline and Eleven.

Theo as Elliot from E.T. the Extra-Terrestial

Ryker as Elmo.

Max as an Ewok.

Alice in Wonderland family.

Jeff as a Ghostbuster and Emily as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

J.J. as Alexander Hamilton and Kali as Hot Dog.

Eric as ItMan (It x Ip Man).

Sloane as Katana.

Lianne as Mantis.

Kyle, carried by a Minecraft Enderman.

Estella, Rosie and Matilda as Minions.

Gene in samurai armor, forged from thirteen Nike shoeboxes.

Denise as a pirate and Mariana as a Kraken.

The Notorious RBG.

Christy as Resistance Auntie. Long live Resistance Auntie!

Audrey as Rey.

Roldy as one of those religious dolls you find in Catholic households.

Mia as Shimmer the Genie and Isaiah as Batman.

Shining knight.

Smart cookie.

Vincent and Yaejoon quarantined with the TDLR (toddler) virus and their toddler, Jovin, with the CDC.

Penelope, Justin and Graysie (the dog) in Waldo stripes accompanied by Garrison as Wizard Whitebeard.

Jayse as xiao long bao.

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